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Practical advice, tailored eating plans and the best education for successful weight loss

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Personal support and tailored programs to help you achieve your health and body composition goals

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The old approach of managing calories in versus calories out for weight loss has a very poor success rate.

If you want sustainable weight loss, want to reduce inflammation in the body, want to optimise your health and metabolic function the good news is there is a far better way.

Rather than fighting against the body with chronic calorie restriction, lack of energy, consistent hunger and cravings…. what if you worked with the body instead?

Working with Nutrition Melbourne’s Specialist Weight Loss Dietitian, you will have a personalised nutrition program developed to manage the key hormonal and metabolic drivers that are the real secret to unlocking stored fat and increasing energy levels.

See… what people don’t tend to realise (including many “health professionals”) is that the root cause of overweight and obesity is not a calorie management issue or failing of an individual to “make good choices”, it is actually the result of a complex hormonal imbalance.

When we mange these keys drivers, you can think of your weight loss journey as kind of like setting you up to sail with the wind… rather than against it.


Pre-consultation questionnaire and food diary assessment

Initial consultation including:

  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Personalised 6 week weight loss nutrition plan
  • Ongoing support

Review consultation including:

  • Measure and monitor progress
  • Personalised 6 week weight loss nutrition plan
  • Evidence-based advice & professional guidance from weight loss specialist

Throughout the journey, we’ll also provide the guidance, education and support required to ensure you are equipped with necessary tools for sustainability such as:

  • Access to our eating out toolbox: to help ensure eating out and social eating is a breeze
  • How to implement your personal recipe modification framework for flexible eating (an essential tool!)
  • Secrets to travel nutrition without undoing all your progress… and enjoying all that wonderful food opportunities travel has to offer
  • Results stacking: how to stack additional strategies on top of your successful nutrition plan to leverage for additional results;
  • And much more

Many people attempt weight loss on their own.

Many people seek professional advice but at the end of the day unfortunately get the same old approach.

We know that the best outcomes are achieved when there is accountability and support along the way.


Time to take some real action?

If you are ready to approach your health and weight loss journey, leaving everything that you may have thought was right in the past at the door, we’re here to open your eyes and mind to the latest, evidence-based approaches.

Once you learn the “why’s” and “how’s” it’ll all make perfect sense and the results will naturally follow.

The Nutrition Melbourne Weight Loss Program is a single payment of $495. This cost covers all the elements listed earlier.

You can book an appointment online or contact us at [email protected]

Weight Loss Program

Personal support and tailored programs to help you achieve your health and body composition goals.

Personalised weight loss nutrition program

Guidance and support from weight loss nutrition specialist

Sustainable results


$ 495

Total value $1460. Rebates may apply with extras cover.

Lifestyle and Food Diary Assessment

Initial Consultation

Personalised Weight Loss Dietary Plan

1 x Review Consultation

Evidence based advice and professional guidance from

Specialist Weight Loss Dietitian

Measure and Monitor Progress

Program Steps

Tailored weight loss programs for every individual

Take the next step towards successful weight loss!


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