Sports Nutrition

Accredited Sports Dietitians with a track record of success.

Sports nutrition is a complex area of nutrition.

Inaccurate advice and unnecessary practices can be detrimental to performance or in some cases lead to serious health problems. However eating the right foods and having optimal hydration can allow you to train harder, recover quicker and significantly improve your performance.


The Nutrition Melbourne Sports Nutrition Program has been developed by Sports Dietitians who are highly skilled in converting the latest in sports science into meaningful nutrition interventions to get you performing at your peak.


So whether you are a fitness enthusiasts training for your next fun run, a recreational athlete or an elite sportsperson our university trained dietitians will use their extensive knowledge and experience to help you reach your potential.

The Nutrition Melbourne

Sports Nutrition Program


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Program Includes:

  • Food and Training Diary Assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • 1 x Review Consultation
  • 2 x Body Composition Assessments (ISAK Accredited Anthropometrists)

Program Steps

How our Sports Nutrition Program works.

  1. Food Diary & Pre-Consultation Questionnaire Completed

    Prior to coming along to your initial consultation we will send you a food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire to complete.

  2. Pre-consultation Assessment

    You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before. This gives us time to do a lot of the assessment component before you come to the appointment. There will still be additional info we will need to discuss and collect at that 1st consultation, but then we can get down to plan development, and not waist valuable time collecting information that you can easily send to us before hand.

  3. The Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation we collect some additional important information, do a body composition assessment (skinfolds and girth measurements), discuss our assessment, your goals and then get on to developing a plan that will work for YOU (and your family).

  4. Personalised Plan, Including Meal Plan & Recipes

    To develop a valuable, personalised plan that can be incorporated in to your lifestyle and family needs, we need around 48 hours after the initial consultation to develop it in its entirety. After all this will include a meal plan, recipes etc so a fair bit of work needs to be done.

  5. Start shopping and eating!

    Once we have sent you the plan we encourage you to have a thorough read, contact us if there is anything that you would like clarification on, and then get shopping (and eating)!

  6. Scheduled Review

    During the sports nutrition program you will have 1 scheduled reviews with the Dietitian. It takes around 3 months to take a new lifestyle practice and convert it in to a behavior. Therefore, generally the review is completed at a specified time along the 12 week time frame but this will vary from person to person.

  7. Adjustments, Refinements and Goals

    At the review consultation, we review progress, make any necessary adjustments and set some new short-term goals.

  8. Ongoing Maintenance

    Upon completion of the Sports Nutrition Program many patients like to continue on with our maintenance program. We offer discounted review consultations for patients who have completed the initial phase of the Sports Nutrition Program. If you would like the ongoing support and accountability of the maintenance program the frequency of maintenance reviews is entirely up to you. This is best discussed directly with the sports dietitian.

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