Metabolic Markers Test

$375.00 inc. GST

The Metabolic Markers Test includes:

  1. Functional Laboratory Test called an Organic Acids Test of over 70 important biomarkers

Once your test results are received we recommend you scheduled a nutrition consultation with Health Optimisation Specialist for laboratory interpretation and personalised wellness protocols.



If you have any of these symptoms:
• Weight gain despite efforts to lose weight
• Fatigue
• Tiredness after eating
• Brain fog
• Digestive issues including constipation / diarrhea / bloating / reflux
• Sleep disorders
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Chronic inflammation
• Joint pain
Then the Metabolic Markers Test may be suggested as the best place to start.
This specific laboratory-based functional medicine test is used to attain the crucial information required to develop an evidenced-informed, personalised wellness program when you book in for a subsequent nutrition consultation.
The Metabolic Markers approach uses a Urinary Organic Acids Test (OAT) as a baseline laboratory evaluation. This evaluation is recommended prior to anyone undertaking a more comprehensive health optimisation program as it provides a fantastic amount of information for us to work with.
Amazing advancements in research and technology now allow us to analyse a simple urine test and get a comprehensive overview of more than 70 important metabolic markers (biomarkers) produced in pathways of central energy production, detoxification, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter breakdown, and intestinal microbial activity.
Irregularities in these biomarkers  can often signal underlying issues which can be due to:
• nutrient deficiencies,
• mitochondrial dysfunction,
• neurotransmitter metabolism issue(s),
• an inherited enzyme deficit,
• toxic build-up,
• bacterial or fungal dysbiosis,
• malabsorption issue, or
• drug effect
This approach is often considered by many professionals who work in the functional medicine and health optimisation space as the “best value per dollar you can invest in your health”.
Due to the profound impact that this test has on informing the short- and long-term protocols, it is the foundational piece of your health optimisation plan.
The goal here is to:
Reveal Hidden imbalances
With targeted nutrition and lifestyle interventions
With practical, systematic, personalised treatment plan based on your comprehensive metabolic picture
1) Order and pay for the test here
2) Complete the simple urine test in the comfort of your own home
3) Book in your consultation via our online booking platform once we notify you that your test results are available
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