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Work with our dietitians in-person at Nutrition Melbourne's Essendon practice, or virtually via video consultation.

Personalised Nutrition Plans for Your Unique Health Needs

Our expert dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Melbourne provide personalised nutrition plans tailored to your unique health needs.

Whether your goal is managing a chronic condition, or health optimisation, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Tailored solutions built by dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Melbourne


Free strategy call with Dietitian

If you're unsure which service suits you best, schedule a free strategy call. During the call, we'll discuss your needs and current situation. After booking, you'll receive a form to complete and return before the call. Please take your time to fill it out properly.


Personalised Health Plan

After your strategy call, expect to receive personalised recommendations tailored to guide your unique journey toward wellness. The specific path will be individually crafted.

Nutrition Melbourne dietitians use a fresh and innovative approach to health optimisation


Initial Consultation

Before your first consultation, complete and return a pre-consultation survey. Our dietitian will review it to provide personalised advice and recommendations based on your health data. Consultations are available in-person or via video.


Review Consultations

Review consultations with our dietitian provide accountability, monitoring, expert advice, and dietary recommendations to guide your health optimisation journey. Consultations are available in-person or via video.

Nutrition Services

Work with our dietitians at Nutrition Melbourne to tailor a health approach suited to your needs. We have a range of different offerings.

Strategy Call


Pre-Call Questionnaire

Talk with Professional Dietitian

Personalised Assessment

Customised Wellness Journey

Initial Consultation


Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Dietetic Assessment

Consultation with Dietitian

Personalised Advice

Private Health Rebates Available

Review Consultation


Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Review Progress

Evolve Nutrition Care Plan

Private Health Rebates Available

Dietitian and Nutrition Consultation FAQ's

We understand that you may have some questions about our dietitian consultations, programs and how it all works. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand the process.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

What experience does the dietitian have?

Our university-trained nutrition specialists at Nutrition Melbourne have delivered thousands of consultations since 2007, specializing in weight loss, physique nutrition, and health optimisation. With exceptional food knowledge and unique skills backed by qualifications in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Anthropometry, DEXA scanning, and Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, we provide evidence-based, easy-to-understand advice tailored to your lifestyle. Understanding that everyone is different, we offer realistic and practical solutions. Passionate about real food and mindful of busy lifestyles, we emphasise quick, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meals. Our reputation has earned us a loyal referral base of GPs, specialists, and coaches, and we connect our clients with the best health professionals to complement our services.

Can I speak to the dietitian before I book an appointment?

Yes, you can schedule a free strategy call with our dietitian before booking an appointment. This call gives you the opportunity to discuss your goals and see how our services can best meet your needs.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, use our secure online booking platform to browse availability and set up a time that works for you. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for assistance.

What should I expect during my nutrition appointment?

During your initial consultation, we will review the information you provide beforehand, discuss your assessment, and develop personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Initial consultations are typically one hour long, while follow-up appointments are 30 minutes.

Is there anything I need to fill out before the appointment?

Yes, after booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to a secure online pre-consultation form. Completing this form helps us understand your needs better and allows us to tailor our advice during the consultation.

Can I ask the dietitian questions after my consultation?

Absolutely! Your dietitian will be available to answer any questions you have related to your consultation and follow-up nutrition plan.

Do you provide meal plans?

While structured meal plans are not included in the initial consultation fee, they can be added as an optional extra. Clients who have attended a consultation will have the option for a two month personalised nutrition plan ($147 / month) or a four month personalised nutrition plan ($97 / month).

Do you offer nutrition supplementation services?

Yes. We prioritise the highest standards of quality and effectiveness in our nutrition supplementation approach. If a customised formula is necessary, we collaborate closely with a trusted compounding pharmacy to ensure precise formulations tailored to your needs. Additionally, we provide access to regulated, quality-assured practitioner-grade supplementation when specific appropriate formulas are readily available. This means you can trust that you're receiving the highest quality nutrients, precisely tailored to support your health and wellness goals. Reach out to learn more about how our comprehensive nutrition supplementation services can support your journey to optimal health.

Can you provide me advice based on my health condition?

Our dietitians have extensive experience in weight loss, physique development, and general health optimisation. We can also refer you to qualified professionals for conditions like vegan diets, allergies, or eating disorders.

Do you do any testing?

Yes, we offer functional pathology testing when necessary, though not everyone requires this to get started. These tests can be a valuable tool and provide significant insights, but they are not covered by health insurance or Medicare and can be expensive. However, if there is a relevant test can be done through your doctor and covered by Medicare, we can write a letter to your doctor for consideration. Ultimately, it’s the doctor's call to order the test based on their assessment, but we can work with you and your doctor to explore this option.

Where are you located?

We offer in-person consultations at our Essendon clinic and Telehealth consultations for those who prefer remote appointments or are located interstate or overseas.

What are your opening hours?

Our Essendon clinic is open Monday from 11 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Telehealth consultations are available by appointment Tuesday through Friday. You can view available appointments online or contact us to discuss alternative options.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultations are $195, and follow-up consultations are $97.

Can I claim a private health insurance?

Private health rebates may be available depending on your extras cover for dietitian or nutrition services. We offer HICAPS for on-the-spot claims. Medicare coverage is possible with a referral from your doctor for specific chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Can I claim anything back on Medicare?

Only you have a chronic medical condition and your doctor provides you with a referral as part of a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA). Chronic medical conditions that qualify for this include, but are not limited to, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. However, it's important to note that not everyone is eligible. The rebate is typically around $58 off the standard consultation costs.

Our dietitians tailor nutrition plans that work for you

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Other Services

At Nutrition Melbourne we provide a comprehensive range of services to tailor a health approach suited to your needs.

Body Scan

Use accurate body composition measurements to establish a baseline, inform your treatment plan and track your progress over time.


We use the latest TGA Certified, non-surgical medical device for the permanent removal of stubborn subcutaneous fatty tissue.


Our High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HI-EMT) is the latest technology (TGA Certified – ARTG No. 338736) for non-invasive body and toning.

Nutrition Programs

Includes nutrition consultation, body scan and structured nutrition programs specific to your health goals.

Nutrition Plus Cryolipolysis

Includes body scan, nutrition consultation, cryolipolysis treatments and structured nutrition plan.

Lab Testing

Integrative lab testing for health and wellness. Combine this with expert advice and a personalised nutrition protocol.

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