Maternal Nutrition

Accurate nutrition advice for the health of you and your baby

Expert advice from Nutrition Melbourne’s maternal nutrition specialists will provide you with the right balance to assist in a healthy pregnancy and foetal development. Healthy eating during pregnancy can also have a positive effect on your health and the health of your baby for many years to come.

During pregnancy, there is a modest increase in the amount of food you need. But there are substantial increases in the requirements of certain nutrients at key times during the pregnancy. There are also important food safety considerations to be aware of.

Post-pregnancy advice is centred around safe and effective nutrition plans for post-partum weight loss and education on individual requirements for breast feeding.

Our Maternal Nutrition Program is tailored depending on your stage of pregnancy. It designed to provide the necessary evidence-based guidance in a safe and practical manner and is suitable for women planning for pregnancy, expecting or for post-pregnancy.

The Nutrition Melbourne

Maternal Nutrition Program


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Program Includes:

  • Lifestyle and Food Diary Assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • Individualised Nutrition Plan
  • 1 x Review Consultation
  • 1 x Email Support Session

Program Steps

How our Maternal Nutrition Program Works

  1. Food Diary & Pre-Consultation Questionnaire Completed

    Prior to coming along to your 1st appointment we will send you a food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire to complete.

  2. Pre-consultation Assessment

    You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before. This gives us time to do a lot of the assessment component before you come to the initial consultation. There will still be additional information we will need to discuss with you, but this way we do not waste valuable time collecting information that you can easily send to us before hand.

  3. Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation we collect some additional important information, take a baseline body weight, discuss our assessment, your pregnancy (or post-pregnancy) nutrition goals and then get on to developing appropriate recommendations and a tailored nutrition plan for you.

  4. Personalised Plan Developed Including Meal Plan & Recipes

    To develop a valuable, personalised plan that can be incorporated in to your lifestyle and family needs, we need around 48 hours after the initial consultation to develop it in its entirety. After all this will include a shopping guide, meal plan, recipes etc so a fair bit of work needs to be done.

  5. Start Shopping and Eating!

    Once we have sent you the plan we encourage you to have a thorough read, contact us if there is anything that you would like clarification on, and then get shopping (and eating)!

  6. Scheduled Review and Email Support

    During the Maternal Nutrition Program you will have 1 scheduled face-to-face review with the Nutrition Melbourne Dietitian. There will also be 1 scheduled email support session to provide additional assistance in between the face-to-face consultations. Your nutrition requirements change depending on your stage of pregnancy so timing of reviews will vary from person to person.

  7. Ongoing Maintenance

    Upon completion of the Nutrition Melbourne Maternal Nutrition Program many women choose to continue having regular ongoing review consultations with our Dietitians. If you would like ongoing support and accountability the frequency of reviews is entirely up to you. This is best discussed directly with the dietitian.

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