Healthy Eating

Expert nutrition advice to refine your food intake and improve your health and wellbeing

Q – What do most people do 5 times a day (1,825 times a year) that directly influences their health?

A – They Eat

Many of todays common health problems in Australia are related to poor diet and/or inadequate intake of nutrient-dense foods. There are evidenced-based suggested dietary targets for a variety of nutrients that when consumed in the right quantities promote health and wellbeing and help protect against chronic disease.

But understanding how to get the right amount of nutrients YOUR body needs can be extremely complex. Consideration needs to be given to a number of personal and lifestyle factors such as age, gender, culture, food preferences, life stage, physical activity, current weight, health status and family structure.

Confused??? You are not alone.

At Nutrition Melbourne our dietitians provide individual nutrition advice based on the latest scientific evidence to improve your health and wellbeing. Our dietitians assess your individual circumstances to develop recommendations, dietary guidelines and provide you with a nutrition plan and recipes that are tailored to your specific needs.

The Healthy Eating Program has been developed for people who:

  • just want to “eat better”
  • want to have more energy and vitality
  • would like to understand their individual dietary requirements
  • want to improve nutrient intake for optimal health & disease prevention
  • want to help their family to eat healthier
  • are confused by conflicting nutrition advice

Nutrition support isn’t just for celebrities and athletes, it’s important for everybody. Actually we can’t think of anything more important.

The Nutrition Melbourne

Healthy Eating Program


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Program Includes:

  • Lifestyle and food diary assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • Individualised Nutrition Plan
  • 1 x Review Consultation (6 weeks)
  • Expert advice, support and recommendations for improved health and wellbeing

Program Steps

So what does a consultation with a Nutrition Melbourne Dietitian include?

  1. Food Diary & Pre-Consultation Questionnaire Completed

    Prior to coming along to your initial consultation we will send you a food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire to complete.

  2. Pre-consultation Assessment

    You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before. This gives us time to do a lot of the assessment component before your appointment. There will be additional information we need to discuss with you at the initial consultation but this saves time so we can start developing your dietary plan and healthy eating recommendations almost straight away.

  3. The Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation we collect some additional important information, discuss our assessment, your goals and then get on to developing a plan that will work for YOU (and your family)

  4. Personalised Plan, Including Meal Plan & Recipes

    To develop a valuable, personalised plan and recommendations that can be incorporated in to your lifestyle and family needs, we need around 48 hours after the initial consultation to develop it in its entirety. After all this will include a meal plan, recipes etc so a fair bit of work needs to be done.

  5. Start Shopping and Eating!

    Once we have sent you the plan we encourage you to have a thorough read, contact us if there is anything that you would like clarification on, and then get shopping (and eating)!

  6. Scheduled Review

    At your review consultation (approx. 6 weeks), we assess progress, make any necessary adjustments and provide some structured education on important areas of healthy eating. Frequency and number of reviews varies depending on your individual needs. This is best discussed directly with the dietitian.

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