Fasting done well can be very powerful

Fasting done well can be a one of the most powerful therapeutic strategies to improve healthspan.

But unfortunately, it is far too often done incorrectly.

Too little of a good thing can be bad, just like too much of a good thing can be bad.

Duality is key…

We need to strike the right balance.



The preparation leading in to a fasting period and how we transition out is crucial to maximise the nutrient signalling benefits leading in and rejuvenation potential coming out of the protocol.

Often, we will approach a strategic modified fasting protocol with specifically structured weeks either side of the fast to capitalise on the power of the fasting protocol.

The 3 weeks are broken down in to phases which are a combination of:

  1. Phase 1: Prepare for the modified fasting protocol
  2. Phase 2: Do the modified fasting protocol
  3. Phase 3: Capitalise on the rejuvenation mode triggered following modified fasting protocol

The fasting period itself certainly has a lot of powerful things that occur.

But there are things we can do prior to the fast to ease the transition in, as well as maximise the nutrient signalling response to have the beneficial elements of the fasting protocol kick in a lot earlier.

Also, the period following the fast has some significant benefits. Therefore, we generate a nutrition and activity strategy that compliments the upregulated stem cell activity and other benefits when the body is primed for what is often referred to as the regeneration / rejuvenation window.

In this video, we show an example of pre- and post- scans following a 3 week protocol using a similar strategy.

To get started, book in a free strategy call to discuss if this approach would be right for you.

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