Get a free strategy with us call to discuss your needs

A strategy call is an opportunity for you to discuss with us your nutrition needs, health concerns and/or goals with our nutrition specialist.

To make the call as valuable for you as possible, we use a specific framework to retrieve the exact information required to provide a personalised recommendation about if, and/or, how we can help. Nutrition is very personal.

The strategy call also gives you the opportunity to ask a few questions about the personalised recommendation we have suggested for your health journey.

For existing clients is a great way to check in with us. As life changes, so does your nutrition needs, so we can discuss where you’re at and where to from here.

Here is the transcript for the video at the top of the page discussing free strategy calls withe the Nutrition Melbourne Dietitian.

[00:00:00] – Damian
Damian Green here from Nutrition Melbourne, and I’m here with Kate today to discuss the strategy call option available on the Nutrition Melbourne website. So are you’re ready Kate, take it away

[00:00:10] – Kate
OK, can you tell us a little bit more about strategy calls and what they’re all about?

[00:00:17] – Damian
Yep. So strategy calls give us the option to have someone book in for a appointment for around 15 minutes or so. And during that time frame, we’re going to find out a bit more about what their particular circumstances are. And then once we go through that process of asking those relevant questions to work out how we may be able to assist, then we can put together a particular strategy that we think would be suitable for that person to start with.

[00:00:44] – Kate
OK, so the strategy calls are with a specialist. Can you tell clients a little bit more about who the call will be with and the qualifications of the person they’ll be speaking to?

[00:00:56] – Damian
Sure. So all calls will take place with me directly. So my background is in nutrition, food, science and technology initially. And then after that, I moved into clinical nutrition and dietetics, worked in that area for a long period of time, then got some further qualifications in sports nutrition. I’ve done a lot of work in the area of body composition measurement as well, from general everyday population to bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery all the way through to elite sport.

[00:01:24] – Damian
I also do a lot of work in the functional medicine space with some specific testing that we can do, which provides a lot of insights and particular focus of mine is around longevity as well and health optimisation. So it’s quite a unique combination of areas of interest and practice and been doing it for a long, long time now, many, many thousands of consultations. So I’ve got a pretty good understanding of what things would work well for clients after we have a good initial discussion so that the purpose of that strategy really is to go through a specific process where I can extract the information that we need to make a recommendation and that person can then leave the end of that call knowing that if we can help, this will be the path that we would take going forward.

[00:02:09] – Kate
So if somebody would like to book a strategy, call with you, what do they do?

[00:02:14] – Damian
That strategy calls are available via our website. There’s a get started button at the top of the page where you can book in a strategy call. Alternatively, most of the pages on the website have a link that will send you straight to the strategy call page. There is a calendar there. Just book in the time, which is relevant for you and then we can get you going from there. The appointment goes for around 15 minutes or so. It’s free. There’s no obligation, you’ll leave at the end of that session with a bit of a clear understanding as to how we can help, if we can help.

[00:02:42] – Damian
And if we can’t, then we’ll tell you that and we’ll give you some guidance as to where we think you should go to seek assistance. So it’s a really good option. It gives us a lot of information about where you’re at and how we can help.

[00:02:55] – Damian
And we’ll give you a guide as to what we think is the best path forward.

[00:03:00] – Kate
OK, great.

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