At our Essendon clinic, we employ cutting-edge TGA-approved medical devices for fat reduction, paired with expert guidance and protocols, for real results.

Effective Cryolipolysis Treatments Available At Nutrition Melbourne

Permanently remove unwanted fat with exclusive access to advanced cryolipolysis fat freezing treatments in Melbourne at Nutrition Melbourne. This non-invasive procedure can reduce up to 25% of the treated fat layer in a single session. It uses precision-controlled cooling to crystalise fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body over several weeks to months.


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Cryolipolysis Treatment

The next step is undergoing our cryolipolysis treatment at our Essendon clinic. Utilising advanced technology and adhering to stringent clinical protocols, our experienced team will precisely target and eliminate stubborn fat deposits, ensuring optimal results with every session.


Post Treatment Protocol

After your cryolipolysis treatment, we offer a personalised post-treatment protocol to enhance and sustain your results. This, combined with our cutting-edge technology, highlights our commitment to comprehensive care. During your clinic visit, our experts will provide an overview of the post-treatment protocol and give you documentation to ensure you understand and can track this important step, maximising your outcomes synergistically.

Cryolipolysis Prices

Cryolipolysis CoolShaping2 fat freezing procedures are performed at our clinic in Essendon, Victoria.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CoolShaping2™ Cryolipolysis

We understand that you may have some questions about our cryolipolysis coolshaping2 fat freezing treatments, programs and how it all works. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand the process.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

What is CoolShaping2™ Cryolipolysis?

CoolShaping2™ Cryolipolysis is a clinically proven, non-surgical treatment that eliminates stubborn fat by freezing fat cells without damaging other cells. The process uses advanced cooling technology along with vacuum to enhance the results.

How does it work?

The procedure targets fat cells, freezing them to the point where they begin to break down. The body then naturally eliminates these cells through the liver and lymphatic system, typically via urination or sweating.

Where does the fat go after treatment?

After the cells are frozen and die, your body processes and removes them through natural metabolic pathways. This elimination is safe and leaves no harmful residue in the body.

What areas can be treated?

CoolShaping2™ can effectively target multiple areas including the chin, neck, jawline, arms, underarms, bra rolls, upper and lower stomach, love handles, thighs, and knees.

Are all cryolipolysis machines the same?

No, not all machines are the same. It’s crucial to use TGA Certified devices like CoolShaping2™, which are tested for safety and effectiveness, ensuring high-quality results.

CoolShaping vs CoolSculpting: What's the difference?

While both use cryolipolysis technology, CoolShaping2™ offers the ability to treat multiple areas simultaneously with less time and includes additional technologies for enhanced outcomes.

Why choose cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is popular for its effectiveness in permanently reducing fat, its non-invasive nature, and the ability to target specific fat-prone areas. It offers significant fat reduction with no downtime and is considered a safe alternative to surgical options.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is generally not painful. Patients might feel a cooling sensation initially, which quickly turns to numbness, making the treatment quite comfortable.

Will I have any scars or need downtime?

No, the treatment is completely non-invasive with no incisions or scars, and you can resume normal activities immediately afterward.

Is CoolShaping2™ right for me?

If you’re looking to reduce specific stubborn fat areas that do not respond well to diet and exercise, CoolShaping2™ could be an excellent solution. It also serves as a motivational boost for those starting a healthier lifestyle.

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