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Quick and Easy Weight Loss Formula – Female

Our weight loss nutrition program is built around a formula of quick meals, that are easy to implement, with minimal ingredients (5 ingredients or less).

We combine this with access to a private program group, forum and knowledge base to provide you the education, programming, accountability and support to reach your goals.

Optimal Nutrition Made Easy

In a world of busy lifestyles and limited time, eating the way you would like to eat to look after your health can be easier said than done.

So we have taken on the mission of creating a nutrition plan that is quick and super easy to implement, whilst ensuring we derive the benefits that nutritious eating has to offer including weight management and increasing energy levels.

Nutrition plans need to be easy to implement in order for you to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

By combining tested strategies that have been implemented in real-word settings, we have produced meal plans and complimentary strategies that will help you on the path to weight loss and health optimisation no matter what life throws your way.

“Just 5 Ingredients (Or Less)”

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Quick. Simple. Effective.

Our criteria for this meal plan was to create a structure that involved:

  • Minimal ingredients for each recipe
  • Use 5 ingredients or less but maximise nutritional value
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Minimal dishes
  • Combined batch preparation with fresh food additions
  • Minimal waste
  • Strategic combination repetition and rotation to minimise labour load whilst decreasing risk of boredom
  • A prescriptive meal plan but with guidelines on flexibility and how to smartly eat outside of the core plan

Taking the decision making process around food preparation out of your hands is one thing, but we also wanted to ensure that people benefited in other ways as well.

The structure is designed to :

Promote metabolic flexibility and transition to a healthy form of nutritional ketosis

  • Minimise blood sugar fluctuations
  • Increase energy levels and mental clarity
  • Decrease visceral fat levels
  • Regulated appetite and satiety
  • Be anti-inflammatory
  • Ensure healthy nutrient intake

“Nutrition Made Simple”

Delivered via Our Brand New Program Platform

For Weight Loss and Health Optimisation.

Low Carbohydrate

Low carb eating can be very effective for weight loss. Unfortunately, it can be detrimental to your gut microbiome, lean mass, energy, neuroendocrine and inflammatory status when done incorrectly.

Get professional support to do it right.

Quality Protein

This structure incorporates quality protein to meet basic physiological requirements without excess. Excess protein can have a negative impact on insulin levels and longevity markers.

With our goal of weight loss and health optimisation, we’ll look to protein quality, strategic distribution, maximising digestion and utilisation to strike the right balance.

Smart Fats

Fatty acid type and quantity is extremely important when undertaking a higher fat, lower carb diet.

Getting this wrong can be disastrous for inflammation levels and gastrointestinal health.

Work with an expert to ensure your efforts to improve your health don’t have the opposite effect.

Just 5 Ingredients (or Less)

Quick. Simple. Effective.

These objectives are combined with an overarching focus on health optimisation to ensure a practical approach to good nutrition.

Nutritional Analysis

Get a macronutrient breakdown with each meal as well as the daily balance.

A Help Centre Provides The Answers You Need, When You Need Them.

Structured Nutrition Formula Phase 1

Induction Phase: Week 1 – 3

  • Structured meal plan with recipes

Structured Nutrition Formula Phase 2

Progression Phase: Week 4 – 6

  • Structured meal plan with recipes

Structured Nutrition Formula Phase 3

Momentum Phase: Week 7 – 9

  • Structured meal plan with recipes

Bonus # 1: Flexible Eating Guide

Built in flexibility with our toolbox of simple strategies to manage social eating environments, deviations from your nutrition plan, and travelling commitments.

Also includes your playbook to balance out deviations from your plan and alcohol intake.

Bonus # 2: Sugar Free Snacks Guide

Simple, sugar free, savour and sweet snack options that will keep you on track and eliminate any potential feelings of “missing out”.

Bonus # 3: Carbohydrate Alternatives Cheat Sheet

Ever wanted to go low carb for health, energy, longevity and weight loss but scared of cutting out the bread, pasta, rice, cereal, pizza etc! 

No problem… We have you covered.

A go-to-resource for fantastic carbohydrate substitutions for all the common main carb sources.  

In fact,  The options in this resource are so awesome, you’ll think you’re cheating!

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