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Female Athletic Physique Nutrition Formula

Obtaining an athletic physique requires not only regular, smart training but also very good nutrition. Take out the guesswork and follow along with the structured physique nutrition formula designed to improve your physique in 60 days without the common pitfalls that will undo your efforts!

For those exercising regularly and looking to optimise their diet for a lean athletic physique within a maintainable lifestyle

Optimal nutrition plays a vital role in achieving the physique you are training for.

The Athletic Physique Nutrition Formula is an online, 60 day structured nutrition program with professional support along the way from our professional physique nutrition expert.

This is NOT an oatmeal, chicken and broccoli plan.

The emphasis is on protecting your metabolism as you eat and train towards a lean and athletic physique.

Nutrient prescription, timing and various other factors are brought together for hormonal and physiological adaptations that are conducive to working towards a lean, athletic physique.

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The Benefits: Quick, Simple, Effective

Our criteria for the nutrition formulas is to create a structure that involves:

  • Minimal ingredients for each recipe
  • Usually just 5 ingredients or less but with maximal nutritional value
  • Minimal preparation time
  • Minimal dishes
  • Combined batch preparation with fresh food additions
  • Minimal waste
  • Strategic combination repetition and rotation to minimise labour load whilst decreasing risk of boredom
  • A prescriptive meal plan but with guidelines on flexibility and how to smartly eat outside of the core plan

Taking the decision making process around food preparation out of your hands is one thing, but we also wanted to ensure that people benefited in other ways as well.

The structure is designed to :

  • Protect metabolic rate during body fat reduction
  • Protect lean mass during body fat reduction
  • Optimise nutrition for training and recovery
  • Manage energy levels and cognitive function
  • Regulated appetite and satiety
  • Ensure healthy nutrient intake

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Nutrition made simple for an athletic physique

Type, timing and quantity for carbohydrates

Strategic carb cycling can be very effective for achieving body composition goals. The athletic physique nutrition formula is a relatively low carb nutrition plan, but there is specific type, timing and quantity prescriptions in the formula designed to positively influence the hormonal profile.

Get professional support to do it right.

Quality protein

Not all protein is created equal. Too little is an issue, and too much can also be detrimental to achieving your physique goals.

We will look to protein quality, strategic distribution, maximising digestion and utilisation to strike the right balance.

Physique optimisation prescription for dietary fats

Fatty acid type and quantity is extremely important when undertaking a physique nutrition program.

Getting this wrong can be disastrous for inflammation levels, gastrointestinal health and your physique.

Work with an expert to ensure you get this vitally important element right.

Simple meals

Quick. Simple. Effective.

These objectives are combined with an overarching focus on health optimisation to ensure a practical approach to good nutrition and an athletic physique.

The Help Centre Provides The Answers You Need, When You Need Them.


Flexible eating

You may, or may not, deviate from your plan depending on your situation. But if you do, it is important to understand how to mitigate the deviation… and bounce back… QUICKLY!

We provide you with a bonus flexible eating resource. This is your toolbox with simple strategies to manage social eating environments, deviations from your nutrition plan, and travelling commitments.

Craving busters!

We provide you with simple, sugar free, savour and sweet snack options that will keep you on track and eliminate any potential feelings of “missing out”.

We educate you on how to integrate these in to your nutrition formula inside the members area.

Awesome alternative to common excessively high carb foods

Ever wanted to go low carb for health, energy, longevity and body composition goals but scared of cutting out the bread, pasta, rice, cereal, pizza etc! 

No problem… This resource has you covered.  In fact,  The options in this resource are so awesome, you’ll think you’re cheating!

You Get Direct Access To The Specialist Physique Dietitian

Structured meal plans

Phase 1

Induction Phase

Week 1 – 3

Structured meal plan with recipes

Phase 2

Progression Phase

Week 4 – 6

Structured meal plan with recipes

Phase 3

Momentum Phase

Week 4 – 6

Structured meal plan with recipes

Where to next?

On completion of the program, we will provide you with guidelines and options to continue on your path to mind, body and health optimisation.

Are You Ready To Optimise Your Nutrition?

Get professional nutrition support and programming so that your body composition results and health start to reflect your training efforts!

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