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Strategy Call FAQ's

Tell me more about the strategy call

A strategy call is an opportunity for you to discuss with us your nutrition needs, health concerns and/or goals with our nutrition specialist.

To make the call as valuable for you as possible, we use a specific framework to retrieve the exact information required to provide a personalised recommendation about if, and/or, how we can help.Nutrition is very personal.

The strategy call also gives you the opportunity to ask a few questions about the personalised recommendation we have suggested for your health journey.

For existing clients is a great way to check in with us. As life changes, so does your nutrition needs, so we can discuss where you're at and where to from here.

What qualifications does the specialist have?

You will be speaking directly with an experienced, professional dietitian and functional medicine practitioner with over 15yrs of practice in the private sector.

We have delivered thousands of consultations and relentlessly continue to refine our practice based on evidenced-informed, real-word clinical care. 

How long is the strategy call appointment?

About 15 minutes. Maybe a bit shorter or longer depending on the situation. 

What will the outcome be?

Once we have assessed your needs, we will make a personalised recommendation.

This may include an offer to work with us, or a referral provided elsewhere if indicated.

We offer a suite of nutrition support options from single consultations, comprehensive programs, functional lab testing and premium nutrition supplements.

If appropriate, we will provide more detail on the services we offer and suggest a strategy that will suit your individual needs.

Strategy calls are free. Is there a catch??

No. Our aim is to provide you with some clear direction on where to start with your health journey.

There is no obligation.

Regardless of the outcome, as mentioned by clients previously… "It could be the most valuable time you invest in reviewing your health this year…" as you will have a clear view on the steps required to achieve your health optimisation goals.

Take the next step towards health optimisation!

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