Whole Body Scan

Accurate body composition measurement and expert guidance you can count on.


Intelligent Body Scanner

Our brand new intelligent body scanner provides you with a scientifically validated tool for accurate body composition assessment. This advanced technology ensures precise and reliable measurements, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your body. It's an essential resource for anyone looking to optimise their health and fitness journey.


Measure Results

Experience the fastest, non-invasive method of screening total body composition with our intelligent scanner. The scan is very quick to complete and involves no radiation exposure, making it safe for repeat measures. This allows for consistent monitoring and tracking of your progress over time.


Free Phone App

Your scan results are automatically delivered to a free app, offering a fantastic interface that provides a unique and comprehensive report of your body composition. The personalised dashboard features instant graphs and charts, showing real-time results and analytical comparisons between scans, making it easy to track and understand your data.


What You Get With A Body Scan

Beyond the scan, receive expert advice with professional interpretation of your body composition and health parameters. Benefit from a dietitian-guided energy and macronutrient report tailored to your needs. Use review scans to accurately track your progress over time.

Whole Body Scan Prices

Whole body scans are done at our clinic in Essendon, Victoria.

Single Scan


1 x Whole Body scan

Over 40 parameters measured

Includes Energy and Macronutrient calculations

Expert Advice

2 Scan Pack


1 x Whole Body scan

Over 40 parameters measured

Includes Energy and Macronutrient calculations

Expert Advice

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole Body Scans

We understand that you may have some questions about our whole body scans and how it all works. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand the process.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

What parameters does the body scan measure?

Our intelligent body scanner measures over 40 different parameters, including:

  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Protein
  • Bone Mineral Content
  • Total Body Water
  • Intracellular Fluid and Extracellular Fluid
  • Body Fat Mass and Total Body Fat Percentage
  • Visceral Fat Levels
  • Subcutaneous Fat Mass
  • Abdominal Circumference
  • Waist Hip Ratio
  • Segmental Analysis of Muscle and Fat in each Limb
  • Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Energy Expenditure
  • Calories Based on Goal and Macronutrient Profile
  • Bio Age
  • Bio Wellness Index
  • Fitness Score
  • Plus more!
What technology does the body scanner use?

Our body scanner utilises the latest advancements in multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (mfBIA) technology. This scientifically validated method provides highly accurate and personalised body composition measurements.

How is the scan performed?

The scan process is quick, taking only a few minutes, and is completely non-invasive. The scanner sends multiple frequencies through your body to measure different parameters accurately.

Is the body scan safe?

Yes, the body scan is safe and non-invasive. It involves no radiation exposure, making it suitable for regular use and repeat measurements.

How do I access my results?

Your scan results are automatically delivered to a free phone app. The app provides a comprehensive and detailed report of your body composition, with instant graphs and charts for easy understanding.

What is the BioWellness Index?

The Bio Wellness Index is a comprehensive score that combines various health parameters measured during the scan. It provides an overall assessment of your wellness and helps track improvements over time.

What additional benefits do I get with the body scan?

In addition to the detailed body composition analysis, you receive expert advice and a professional interpretation of your results. Our dietitians provide a guided energy and macronutrient report tailored to your specific needs. You can also track your progress accurately over time with review scans.

How can the body scan help with my health goals?

The body scan provides detailed information on your body composition, including muscle mass, fat percentage, and metabolic rate. This data helps create personalised wellness and nutrition plans tailored to your specific needs and goals. Regular scans allow you to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

What are the benefits of tracking segmental analysis?

Segmental analysis provides detailed information on the muscle and fat distribution in each limb. This helps identify imbalances and target specific areas for improvement. It is particularly useful for individuals looking to enhance their performance or reduce the risk of injury.

How does the scanner determine basal metabolic rate and total energy expenditure?

The scanner uses your body composition results in addition to other collected data, to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total energy expenditure (TEE). These values indicate the number of calories your body needs at rest and during daily activities, helping you plan your diet and exercise regimen effectively.

How often should I get a body scan done?

The frequency of scans depends on your health and fitness goals. For general monitoring, we recommend getting a scan every 3-6 months to track progress and make informed adjustments to your health and fitness plans.

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