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Specialists in Health Optimisation, Weight Loss and Physique Nutrition

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Personal support and tailored programs to help you achieve your health and body composition goals

Who We Are

Our university trained nutrition specialists have delivered over 12,000 nutrition consultations since we were established in 2007.

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At Nutrition Melbourne we specialise in weight loss, physique nutrition and health optimisation. Click below to view practitioner profile.

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We understand that everyone's lifestyle and nutrition needs are different so we offer personalised solutions to achieve your goals.

In Person, Telehealth, Online Programs, Body Scans and Premium Online Supplement Store

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In Person

We offer a range of nutrition services, including single consultations and comprehensive programs


Nutrition consultations and programs delivered via a secure online Telehealth service or via phone.

Body Scans

Body composition measurement using validated techniques including mfBIA and ISAK anthropometry methods.

Online Nutrition Programs

You can get started right now with one of our comprehensive online nutrition program designed to provide accountability, support and long-term results.

Nutrition Suppement Store

We provide a one-stop shop for you to access premium nutrition supplements from companies including Thorne, Designs for Health and many more.


Professional nutrition consultancy services provided to organisations by experts in clinical nutrition, sports dietetics, food science, and functional medicine.

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Who We Are

Unique Skill Set

Our experienced team of weight loss and physique nutrition experts have a unique skill set and exceptional food knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Our qualifications give us an in-depth understanding of the human body and the complexities of food and nutrition. Importantly this powerful combination of knowledge allows us to bring information together to deliver advice that is not only evidence based but easy to understand and stress free to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Our specialists have qualifications in: Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Anthropometry (ISAK Body Composition Assessment), Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Bone and Body Composition Scanning.

Life Experience and a Practical Outlook

A successful approach requires a realistic and practical outlook. We want you to start your journey as you wish to continue. We understand that what works for one person may not be practical or relevant for the next.

Personally we love food, real food. But like most of us we are also ultra-busy which doesn’t leave a lot of time left to spend hours in the kitchen. So meals that are super quick, really tasty and easy to prepare play a large role in our approach. 

Professional Reputation and Network

Our reputation has meant that we have established a loyal referral base of GPs, specialists, and coaches.

Likewise, we are able to refer our patients and athletes to the best network of health professionals to complement our services.

For more details about our nutrition plans, programs and services, choose one of the relevant tabs on the homepage. 

Practitioner profile


Damian graduated with a Bachelor of Food Science before going on to complete a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Damian then worked in a number of settings including Hospitals, GP clinics and Community Health Centre’s.

In 2008 Damian combined his love for sport and nutrition and gained qualifications in Sports Nutrition and ISAK Anthropometry. He also holds ISCD qualifications and is licensed to perform specialised medical imaging which can assist in the management of patient interventions.

Mr. Damian Green

Founder of Nutrition Melbourne


Damian has worked across a number of sports including swimming, rowing, triathlon as well as many other sports; and also has specialist knowledge in the areas of weight loss, physique nutrition and health optimisation.

In 2007 Damian began his private practice. Since then, the practice has delivered over 12,000 nutrition consultations. The private practice is in the heart of the medical precinct in North Melbourne, Victoria and he also runs a busy virtual practice for clients from all across Australia.

Damian’s history includes university lecturing, tutoring and contributing on advisory panels, developing corporate health programs, consulting to government departments and institutional organisations, and consulting to various sporting clubs.

His professional knowledge and extensive experience has lead to a reputation as a health optimisation nutrition expert.

Professional and Personal Interests

Damian places high value on continuing professional development and is dedicated to coordinating his companies unique internal CPD program, to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of support and advice based on the latest nutrition research.

In addition to this he loves to cook, keep fit and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.

Damian has extensive experience, outstanding food knowledge and a unique combination of professional qualifications. He’s innovative approach to nutrition utilises the principles of functional and integrative medicine to achieve health and has earned his practice a reputation as a leading provider of nutrition services for health optimisation.

How Can We Help?

Personalised Solutions

At Nutrition Melbourne we understand that everyone's lifestyle and nutrition needs are different so we offer the solutions you need to achieve your personal goals.

Personalised practical advice; remote nutrition support and electronic plans; and high quality supplementation options all available in the one place.

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If you need to talk to us before you get started book a free strategy call and we can help clarify your goals, work out if we're a good fit and provide a tailored recommendation if we think we can help.