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Nutrition for Health Optimisation blending a unique skill set of Food Science, Clinical Dietetics, Sports Nutrition and Integrative Nutrition.

Body Scans

Use accurate body composition measurements to establish a baseline, inform your treatment plan and track your progress over time.


We use the latest TGA Certified, non-surgical medical device for the permanent removal of stubborn subcutaneous fatty tissue.


Our High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HI-EMT) is the latest technology (TGA-Certified) for non-invasive body shaping and toning.

Nutrition Consult


We offer a rage of nutrition services including single consultations and comprehensive programs. Work with our dietitians in-person at Nutrition Melbourne's Essendon practice, or virtually via video consultation.

Professional Dietitians
Extensive experience
Unique skill set and approach

Body Scans

Our intelligent body scanner is a fast, non-invasive method tool for accurate body composition assessment. The scan is very quick to complete and has no radiation exposure making it safe for repeat measures.

Scientifically validated
Fast and non-invasive
Detailed body composition analysis


Cryolipoloysis is a well studied method to permanently remove excess subcutaneous fat from the body. We use the latest in approved, effective medical device technology. Clinically proven to permanently reduce stubborn fat in treatment areas by 20 - 40%, each session.

TGA certified medical device
Non-surgical body shaping
Packages available to maximise results


Our High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer (HI-EMT) is clinically proven to build muscle and burn fat through focused High Intensity Electromagnetic energy. A course of this powerful treatment will strengthen, tone and lift targeted muscle groups for a more toned and sculpted appearance.

TGA certified medical device
Non-surgical body sculpting and toning
Packages available to maximise results

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