Precision Plus

State-of-the-art technology and experienced, professional advice to fine tune your energy and macronutrient needs

The Precision Plus Program combines:

1) The precision of latest DEXA Body Composition Scanning Technology, with
2) A personalised assessment and plan from our experienced physique and weight loss dietitian

A DEXA Body Composition Scan provides you in-depth knowledge of your body composition using advanced x-ray technology.

You get the most accurate and precise analysis of body fat, lean muscle and bone available and the results are provided instantly after your scan.

When you have your DEXA scan performed, we can get an accurate understanding of your fat free mass (FFM).

This is important, as this is your metabolically active tissue (i.e the part of your body that needs energy).

With an accurate understanding of your FFM, our specialist can use this information as part of the equation to scientifically calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

It is important to note that just plugging your FFM in to an equation will most likely NOT give you a true assessment of your metabolic requirements to meet your goals. A more thorough assessment and expert interpretation is necessary to refine these goals.

That is where the skills of the specialist weight loss and physique dietitian step in.

When combining the FFM information with an assessment of body fat distribution, visceral fat mass, muscle symmetry, your dietary intake and activity levels, we can develop a nutrition solution of personalised energy and macronutrient targets to help you achieve your health and body composition goals.

Our specialist dietitian also heads the leading body composition assessment practice partnered with numerous professional sporting clubs and elite institutions. Now this unique opportunity to have the seamless integration of body composition assessment and specialist nutrition planning is open to the public and exclusively available all under the one roof at our location in East Melbourne.

Do you need to be an elite or aspiring athlete to benefit? … Absolutely not. This is suitable for any adult looking to achieve improvements in health, longevity and/or body composition through understanding their body composition and implementing a personalised nutrition plan.

Scans are suitable for anyone* interested in the following:

  • Achieving Weight Loss
  • Interested in Physique Building
  • Improving Sports Performance
  • Improving General Strength and Fitness
  • Interested in a General Health Assessment
  • Wanting an assessment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

You can now act with confidence, knowing that you are getting the most accurate assessment available of your body composition, experienced and informed advice on how to interpret the data and professional guidance on how to best implement your nutrition strategy with all this information at hand.

* Please note, if you are under the age of 18; are pregnant or breastfeeding you cannot have a DEXA scan. All clients will be assessed to ensure they meet the justification criteria for a DEXA scan upon assessment of the pre-scan info completed after an appointment has been scheduled online.

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Precision Plus

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Program Includes:

  • Latest DEXA technology available
  • Supurb precision and image quality
  • 1 x DEXA Full Body Scan
  • Analysis of total body fat, lean muscle mass (and percentage)
  • Bone Mineral Content score
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (the fat under the muscle around the midsection)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment
  • Personalised Energy (calories) and Macronutrient (protein/carb/fat) Requirements Report

Program Steps

So what does the Precision Plus program include?

  1. Pre-Scan Questionnaire

    Prior to coming along to your appointment we will send you a pre-scan questionnaire to complete. You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before.

  2. Preparation for the scan

    When we send you then pre-scan assessment form, there will be an additional document outlining what you need to do before the scan. It is important that you read this and follow the instructions to ensure you are best prepared for the most accurate scan results.

  3. The initial scan

    The densitometrist will discuss the assessment of your pre-scan questionnaire, ensure you have prepped correctly leading in to the scan, obtain any additional information required from you, explain the procedure for the scan, and ask you if you have any questions. You will then be positioned on the table for the scan. The scan itself will only take a few minutes, so stay still but relax and breath normally. The densitometrists have positoning aids and straps with help keep you still and relaxed.

  4. Discussion of scan results

    The report is printed off immediately following your scan. The densitometrist will run through the components of the scan so will will understand total body fat, muscle and bone. Regional assessments comparing for example right arm vs left arm, right leg vs left leg. Look at the fat hiding underneath the muscle around the midsection. Discuss calculated resting metabolic rate. Provide professional, evidenced-based guidance to steer you in the right direction for additional support.

  5. Discussion of health and body composition goals

    Once the scan results have been discussed we will look at setting personalised health and body composition goals

  6. Calculation of resting metabolic rate

    The specialist weight loss and physique dietitian will review your pre-scan information, obtain some additional information and use this along with the scan results to calculate your resting metabolic rate.

  7. Calculation of macronutrient requirements

    Once we have an understanding of your health and body composition goals we will develop a personalised energy and macronutrient report. This will be broken down in to calorie and protein/carb/fat targets for exercise and rest days. All types of nutrition protocols can be tailored for eg whether you want to do a ketogenic diet, high protein diet etc they will all be accounted for. Allow 24 hours for your personalised energy and macronutrient report to be developed and sent to you by email.

  8. Ongoing Reviews

    If you would like ongoing support and accountability the frequency of reviews is best discussed directly with the specialist dietitian.

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