Intensive Transformation

The ultimate health and body composition upgrade with professional support every step of the way

The Intensive Transformation Program is designed specifically for the individual looking for high level accountability and support. You will be working directly with Nutrition Melbourne’s founder, Damian Green.

This fully personalised program is suitable for you if you are determined to achieve any of the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Physique Transformation (muscle gain and a reduction in body fat)
  • Improving mental clarity, energy levels, health and longevity

What to expect…

  • Instant access to over 15 years of refined nutrition knowledge and expert secrets
  • Fast track your results with a premium program that has never offered a more comprehensive level of support, education and accountability.
  • Access to our dietitian on call service so that issues can be addressed when they arise not at your next appointment!!! (Exclusive to Intensive Transformation Program Members)
  • Structured step-by-step meal plans for total elimination of confusion and removal of decision fatigue

If you are highly motivated to transform your nutrition intake; maximise your energy, improve mental clarity and focus; achieve your body composition goals; have a solution-focused mindset and you are truly ready to make a change and achieve that BIG goal that we set out to accomplish together then this program is definitely for you.

Due to the intensive nature of support provided in the Intensive Transformation Program, spots are extremely limited so that we can provide members with the highest level of service and individual support.

Bookings for the Intensive Transformation Program are currently OPEN FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Book now before bookings close again!

What you will get…

  • Pre-consultation discussion and information collection so that I can learn more about you, about your current situation and the goals that we will be working on together. You can also ask lots of questions and learn more about what to expect.
  • Food diary review and analysis
  • Initial DEXA scan (gold standard for body composition assessment) for your baseline body composition assessment so that we can accurately track and measure your progress.
  • Initial face-to-face nutrition consultation (1 hour)
  • Development of your fully personalised 12 week meal plan. Includes step-by-step guide, recipes and dietitian tips.
  • 12 Weeks of Dietitian on Call Access!!! (direct line VIP access to Nutrition Melbourne’s founder and Accredited Practicing Dietitian Damian Green)
  • Review DEXA scan at week 6 to monitor body composition changes and adjust strategies if required.
  • Review face-to-face nutrition consultation at week 6 to evaluate progress and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Premium access to our online transformation accelerator course, educational videos, and additional nutrition resources (Valued at over $695)

The total value for everything you get in the Intensive Transformation Program $2,274. Book now while appointments are open and get the current program special offer for $975.

The Nutrition Melbourne

Intensive Transformation Program


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Total Value $2,275. Call us for more information

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Program Includes:

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire, food diary and activity assessment
  • Initial DEXA scan (body composition & resting metabolic rate assessment)
  • Initial nutrition consultation
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Review DEXA scan
  • Review nutrition consultation
  • Online transformation accelerator membership program
  • 12 Weeks of Dietitian on Call Access (direct line VIP access to the dietitian)

Program Steps

A breakdown of the Intensive Transformation Program.

  1. Food Diary & Pre-Consultation Questionnaire Completed

    Prior to coming along to your 1st appointment we will send you a food diary and pre-consultation questionnaire to complete.

  2. Pre-consultation Assessment

    You will return this to us before the appointment preferably at least 24 hours before. This gives us time to do a lot of the assessment component before you come to the initial consultation. There will still be additional information we will need to discuss with you, but this way we do not waste valuable time collecting information that you can easily send to us before hand.

  3. Initial DEXA Body Composition Scan

    You will have a DEXA body composition scan. This will give us an accurate baseline of your body composition and we will be able to use the information from the scan to calculate your resting metabolic rate. This information plays an important role in developing your nutrition plan and accurately tracking your changes over time.

  4. Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation we collect some additional important information, discuss our assessment, your goals and then get on to developing a plan that will work for YOU (and your family).

  5. Online Transformation Accelerator Membership Program

    After your initial consultation, you will be sent your login details to join the online transformation accelerator membership program. This is your information and education hub, full of additional videos and written resources which is part of the program to ensure you have instant access to everything you need to achieve your health and body composition goals.

  6. Direct line VIP Access to the Dietitian

    For the 12 weeks duration of the program, you will have direct line, VIP access to the dietitian. Not sure how to manage an upcoming social situation.... contact the dietitian!.... Wanting to add in a new recipe to your plan but want to double check something first... contact the dietitian! Having this distilled wisdom at your instant disposal has proven to be an exceptionally valuable education and motivation tool for our clients and will drastically decrease your learning curve and improve outcomes.

  7. Personalised Plan Developed Including Meal Plan & Recipes

    To develop a valuable, personalised plan that can be incorporated in to your lifestyle and family needs, we need around 48 hours after the initial consultation to develop it in its entirety. After all this will include a shopping guide, meal plan, recipes etc so a lot of work needs to be done.

  8. Start Shopping and Eating!

    Once we have sent you the plan we encourage you to have a thorough read, contact us if there is anything that you would like clarification on, and then get shopping (and eating)!

  9. Review DEXA Body Composition Scan

    You will have a review DEXA body composition scan somewhere between the 6 - 8 weeks. The exact time frame will vary case-to-case, so this will be discussed in detail directly with the dietitian. The review DEXA scan allows us to accurately track how your body composition is progressing. This information will then help to inform how your nutrition plan should be adjusted to ensure you maximise your results.

  10. Nutrition Review Consultation

    During the intensive transformation program you will have a scheduled face-to-face nutrition review consultation which will occur soon after the second DEXA scan. Your nutrition plan will be adjusted at this time once we have collected all the assessment data and discussed with you the next phase of the plan.

  11. Ongoing Maintenance

    Upon completion of the Nutrition Melbourne Intensive Transformation Program many clients choose to continue having regular ongoing review consultations with the dietitian. We offer discounted maintenance programs for clients who have completed the initial phase of the Transformation Program. If you would like ongoing support and accountability the frequency of reviews is entirely up to you. This is best discussed directly with the dietitian.

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