Nutrition Fees

The following is the Nutrition Melbourne fees schedule for all our programs, along with individual services.

Nutrition Programs

Weight Loss Program

Program Includes

  • Food Diary Assessment
  • 1 X Initial Consultation
  • 1 X Review Consultation
  • 1 x Personalised Eating Plan
  • 1 x Email Support Session
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Physique Program

Program Includes

  • Food Diary Assessment
  • 1 X Initial Consultation
  • 1 X Initial Skinfold Assessment
  • 1 X Review Consultation
  • 1 x Review Skinfold Assessment
  • 1 x Personalised Eating Plan
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Intensive Transformation

Program Includes

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire and food diary assessment
  • Initial comprehensive body composition assessment by highly skilled anthropometrist
  • Initial nutrition consultation
  • Personalised nutrition plan (developed in phases to coincide with nutrition and body composition reviews)
  • Review comprehensive body composition assessments at week 4 and week 8
  • Review nutrition consultations at week 4 and week 8
  • Exclusive access to Online Resource Hub
  • 12 Weeks of Dietitian on Call Access (direct line VIP access to the dietitian)

Price: $2,275

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Precision Plus Program

Program Includes

  • 1 x DEXA Full Body Scan
  • Analysis of total body fat, lean muscle mass (and percentage)
  • Bone Mineral Content score
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (the fat under the muscle around the midsection)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment
  • Personalised Energy (calories) and Macronutrient (protein/carb/fat) Requirements Report

Price: $280

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Online Personalised Nutrition Plan

Program Includes

  • Food Diary Assessment
  • 1 x Personalised Eating Plan (12 weeks)
  • Tailored To Your Needs
  • Email Support


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Other Services

Online Personalised Nutrition Plan (12 weeks)

Check out our Online Personalised Nutrition Plan

Single Consultation with Dietary Plan

Food Diary Assessment, 1 X Initial Consultation, 1 X Personalised Eating Plan

DEXA Body Composition Scan

1 x DEXA Whole Body Scan

RMR and Macronutrient Report

Resting Metabolic Rate & Macronutrient Report from Specialist Dietitian

Nutrition Presentations

Including 1 HR Presentation Delivery, Preparation, Question Time & Information Handouts
$1500 +GST

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